Apr 15

What your Evening Bag Style Says About You

Accessories are one of the key ingredients to a stellar outfit. Take a staple outfit and dress it up or down to fit the occasion. How you accessorize even the most traditional outfit can make a statement about your personal style and allow others to infer facts about your personality and favorite pursuits.

When attending an evening event, your clutch will provide others key insights into how you view your place in the world. Here are a few ways an evening bag can impact the most basic black evening dress:

Bohemian Evening style with over-sized clutch bag
Accessories a basic black dress with a few oversized accessories and flowing locks to achieve a more care-free appearance.

Bohemian Evening Bag Style

An oversized evening clutch in a statement hue will allow you to carry all of the various items you need during the night and will create a statement contrast against a sleek black dress. Pair this over-sized evening clutch with bangle bracelets and perhaps a scarf to really bring attention to your free-flowing style.

 Classic and understated evening style with sleek clutch bag

For those who are looking to create a very Kate Middleton or Jackie-O persona, a classic A-line black evening dress paired with a sleek clutch fashion bag is the ideal accessory for an evening.

Kate Middelton Fashion Bag Style

The simplicity of the bag will complement the dress and create a streamline appearance. But, don’t mistake sleek and simple for modern and stark. Pair this outfit with a stellar pair of heels, simple pearls or a chain and a feminine hair style.

Glamorous evening clutch bag styles

If you’re looking to make a statement at an event and feel like showing off, consider wearing an evening bag that has been updated to include more sparkle.

Evening Bags From Ireland

Jeweled and slightly bedazzled clutch evening bags provide a touch of glamor to an otherwise more traditional outfit. This is ideal for those who want to create flash, without wearing a disco ball dress to perhaps a more staid event. Rock any of these evening bags from Ireland that have been stylized to shine to bring out your confidence and consider pairing them with an elaborate chocker or statement necklace.




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