Mar 21

Does your Clutch Purse Need to Match your Shoes?

We’ve all heard that piece of advice involving matching our shoes to our purse or vice versa. But, is that vintage style trend something that we should consider still today?

Back in the day, it wasn’t uncommon for women to go as far as dying their shoes to match a dress or a purse. Nowadays, it’s a free for all, but in a positive way. The only people to really match their shoes to their clutch purse are those who are attending weddings or formal events where uniformity is either a necessity or expected.

What’s more important than matching the exact color of a purse is to either select complimenting styles or hues. An overtly glam clutch bag is going to stick out against leather biker boots that feature studs. Instead of pulling your hair out with the stress of matching your clutch to a pair of shoes you can instead focus on creating creative editorial choices that really display your personality.

Complimenting clutch purse and shoe styles
Black closed toe pumps are the staple item in any woman’s wardrobe, which means that a simple patterned or mono-chromatic bag that creates a flash of color can really make an outfit stand out in the crowd.

For more busy outfits that have a skirt, shirt, pant or dress that feature its own pattern or embellishments, consider wearing a fashion bag that is simpler and in a hue like black or white.

 Stylish Black Clutch Bag with Embellished Skirt

The more traditional color will allow the pattern on an outfit to take center stage, while allowing you to keep all of your possessions on you without disrupting the flow. The shoes in this outfit option should make a complimenting statement with a pop of color or a contrasting style that grabs people’s attention.

What to consider when matching a purse to shoes
Just because we said you are not required to match your shoes to your purse doesn’t mean that you don’t want to or even feel it’s necessary for the event you are going to. Here are some style tricks for finding the perfect blend of colors and styles for your outfit.

1)    Use transcending shades. Sometimes it will be impossible to match the exact shade of blue of your purse to your shoes, but don’t fret! Consider using transcending shades of the same hue to achieve a stylish look.

Elegant Navy Evening Bag and Transcending Colors

Blues with the same levels of purple, red or green – regardless of how dark the saturation is of the color.

2)    Similar fabrics. Using the same or similar fabrics on your shoes and purse will create a cohesive look from your head to your toes.

Stylish Black Clutch Bag with Satin with Shoes

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