May 30

3 Must-Have Bags in Every Woman’s Closet

We all have staple purses, our go-to accessories for a night out on the town, a formal event or even for a trip to the beach. To make sure we’re ready for everything that can come up we make sure to have bags, purses and clutches that span a variety of needs. After all, shopping for the perfect bag right before an event can add unnecessary stress if you’re on a time crunch.

Here are our top 3 must-have bags (we know they are in our closet):

1)      Tote. Sometimes you need to carry the world with you – it’s hard work being a woman! A stylish modern tote is the best way to fit your lunch, shoes and work with you wherever you may need those items. Sloppy tote bags can break or ruin an entire outfit – making you look like an over-worked TA – don’t let that happen to you. A number of companies now make sleek tote bags from a wide range of materials, colors and patterns. Skip the shopping bag catch-all solution for a more modern and practical solution.

Tote Bags Image

2)      Formal Clutch. Any time you need to suddenly go to a formal event a sleek black, metallic or white clutch is the ideal answer. Whether you are attending a wedding, a dinner for work or just a night out on the town, a formal clutch provides the level of polish you want to an outfit, without overpowering your carefully crafted ensemble. Take, for example, most of the bags worn by celebrities at award shows or on the red carpet – the clutches are fabulous, but often less showy than the outfit.

Elegant Navy Bag Image

3)      Doctor’s Bag. Have you ever seen a more polished, yet not stuffy, bag that is fitting for everyday use than the doctor’s bag? This style of purse holds its shape, is streamline in appearance and yet can go with almost any outfit. The classic flat bottom and rounded sides with slightly elongated frame makes the purse large enough to carry a wide range of items without looking sloppy or becoming overly heavy. Pair the purse with riding boots in the fall, a wool coat in winter or a sun dress in spring – the bag is a functional, stylish option.

Doctors Bag Image

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